0DAYALLDAY IS BACK!! This quarter we will be looking into WiFi Routers. Including ASUS, Netgear, TP-Link, D-Link, MikroTik, and Huawei.

We will have most, if not all, the various firmware images unpacked and easily accessible for review. We will also have a physical router lab to test against as well as a virtualization cluster.

This event is for all skill levels! Don't let imposter syndrome prevent you from attending. We do ask that you come prepared to learn and contribute.

What to bring:

- Laptop is required!
- If you have any WiFi routers you don't mind getting messed up including broken routers please bring them and we will add them to the lab.
- Hardware hacking items like serial/uart, bus pirate, etc.

  COVID-19 vaccination required
  Event will be indoors

  Be vaccinated or don't come.  Masking HIGHLY recommended, but not enforced.